This panel explores the prospects for green growth in Russia. We discuss how the concept of green growth is understood in Russia, and what are its potentials and related benefits. Understanding how green growth is conceptualized and being advanced in practice in Russia carries a wider societal importance as it can open further dialogue and cooperation on many levels – international, government, business, academic and civil society.
Russia’s climate change policy and waste policy are taken as examples of green growth potentials. First, the conceptualization of green growth in Russia is discussed based on scientific literature, media analysis and interviews conducted with Russian experts. Then, Russia’s current and potential future directions of climate change are discussed in the context of green growth. Finally, the panel reports case study on green growth in Murmansk waste sector. The panel is proposed on the base of the ‘Green Growth in the Russian Arctic’ project by the Fridtjof Nansen Institute, Kola Centre of RAS, Abo Akademi and CICERO funded by the Research Council of Norway’s NORRUSS programme.

Organizers: Research group of Green Growth in the Russian Arctic’ project, Faculty of International Relations and Politics at North-West Institute of Management RANEPA


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