The ‘Parade’ will bring together the best known and most active organizations (teams) of the territorial strategic consulting market — market leaders 2020. Each team will have 11 minutes to present their understanding of today’s strategic planning in Russia, highlight its methodology features and planning technology.
Representatives of potential customers — strategic planning department heads in Russia’s regions and municipalities — will give a feedback on the consultants’ speeches.
Three winners will be selected via the sympathy voting from the audience.
Following the round table, a press release will be disseminated with reference to all the participants. Video recording will be posted on YouTube.
Thus, it is planned in a fun mode to compare consultants’ proposals and customers’ expectations, to identify technology trends, and to show possible approaches to territorial strategic planning.
Bonus task — to maintain the overall quality level in the market by showcasing the best practice.

Organizer: Resource Centre for Strategic Planning under Leontief Centre